Enrolment Procedure

Applying for a place at BSB

The school accepts applications at any time. However, there are set times for the testing of pupils and these follow a pattern through the year. The first application period is the end of February. Then again in June and, if any places remain, in August.

When applying parents should complete the following and return them to the school office;
1.application and health forms
3.evidence of date of birth (passport copy or copy of birth certificate) 
4.school reports from any previous schools (translated into English if necessary)
5.the application fee.

If the paperwork has been received by the due date which is indicated above, applicants will take the school entrance test and parents will then be notified of the result. Successful applicants are offered a firm place on receipt of the registration fee. We hold the first entrance test in early March. This is deliberate as it gives a good period of time for applicants to gain more skills in English if this is required to gain a place in the school. We then retest in late June and finally in August or early September.

What should I do next?
If you have already decided to apply and know which stream, please complete the details as above. On the other hand you may wish to discuss the application process in more detail. If so, please contact the school office to arrange an interview with either the Principal or Head of Secondary. They will be able to discuss the whole process with you and offer advice.