All pupils in the Secondary School are prepared for public, external examinations set and marked by Cambridge International Examinations, the world's leading provider of British-system international examinations.

Pupils in Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9, ages 11 to 14) are prepared for the Cambridge Checkpoint examination in English, Mathematics and Science. In addition, pupils study courses in Geography, History, French/German/Russian/ Extra English, ICT, Art, Music, and PE.

At Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11, ages 14 to 16) pupils prepare to take up to seven subjects in the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) programme. Students are required to take 3 Compulsory Subjects and choose 4 subjects from the Option Groups to have 7 subjects in total.


Compulsory Subjects          : English (First or Second Language Level)

                                                : Mathematics

                                                : Biology

                                                : PE (Not IGCSE Subject)


Options                                  : Students choose one subject from each group


Group 1          : Physics

                                                : Business Studies

                                                : Art


                        Group 2          : History

                                                : Economics

                                                : Travel and Tourism


                        Group 3          : Chemistry

                                                : Geography

                                                : Accounting


                        Group 4          : French

                                                : German

                                                : Russian

                                                : English Support

                                                : ICT

Pupils in Year 12 must take at least four subjects at AS Level and three subjects in Year 13 on A2 Level. This will qualify them for entry to British and other universities worldwide.  In order to qualify for AS students have to pass at least 4 IGCSE Subjects with no Grade Lower than a C. Students will not be allowed to choose a subject on AS Level if he/she did not pass the subject at IGCSE Level.

On AS Level subjects are again divided into Compulsory subjects and Optional subjects.

Compulsory Subjects                   : AS English Language Level

                                                : IELTS

                                                : Statistics (If Mathematics is chosen as a subject)

                                                : PE (Not IGCSE Subject)


Options                                     : Students choose one subject from each group


Group 1          : Business Studies

                                                : Physics

                                                : History


                        Group 2             : Economics

                                                : Geography

                                                : Biology


                        Group 3             : Mathematics

                                                : Applied ICT

                                                : Chemistry


                        Group 4             : French

                                                : German

                                                : Russian


Please see the Option Booklets for more details regarding the subjects offered.

However, the Secondary School is not just about examination preparation. At all stages a broad and balanced curriculum is offered. The hallmark of British education is its focus on the individual pupil, encouraging all of them to become independent learners with enquiring minds. An emphasis on pupil involvement in the learning process, on group and project work, and on extended investigations, helps pupils to develop the skills and judgment they need for success at university and in the workplace.

Every pupil is part of a Form with its own Tutor, whose job is to monitor the studies and personal growth of each of the pupils in the group. This commitment to individual pastoral care is unique to the British educational system. There is also a full programme of sports and activities to encourage each pupil to become a mature and rounded individual with a range of interests, ready to go out into the adult world prepared to overcome the challenges he or she may face.


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