Reading Club



Chess Club





Art Club


Art can help children communicate their emotions and develop finer coordination. It can be a great platform for children to progress and discover their creativity. Through the use of different colours and textures, they are able to express themselves without the use of words. They learn about various colour mixtures and how they go together as well as different aspects of design and perspective.




Knitting club



Literacy Games Club



In our Literacy Games Club, we play some amusing and highly motivating games that encourage pupils to interact, communicate and practice different language skills





KS1 Art and Crafts Club


In this club, we have great fun designing, drawing, painting, constructing and cutting with different materials to produce interesting crafts based on a variety of topics. These activities help with hand-eye coordination, creativity and the exploration of new concepts and ideas. We also learn about colours and textures and how to combine them to make something fabulous.