Years 12\13

Years 12/13


Starting at Year 10 Level when choosing their IGCSE Subjects, students will be given advice and guidance about university entrance. When they reach Year 12 they will be helped through the application process by experienced advisers.


In keeping with their pre-university status, pupils are expected to dress as if for a smart office environment. Whilst jeans, ‘T'-shirts, extreme hair-styles and trainers are not allowed, suits, jackets and other office wear are required to prepare our most senior pupils for working life after university and to set a good example for our younger pupils.

Community Service

Developing a sense of service to others and the community in general is an important part of any young person's upbringing. BSB is developing a programme of community service through a number of means. Year 12/13 also have the opportunity to become Senior Members of the Student Council.